A Change of Air

A campaign that rekindles the need for a change of scenery

After being cooped up in our rooms for almost six months, what were we looking for? The answer to this question pointed us towards our new campaign – A change of air; a change of scenery, a fresh new perspective is what we longed for. 

Kerala as a place is blessed with breathtaking expansive naturescapes and offbeat destinations that takes travelers away from the crowds and into unique journeys through deep forests, pristine beaches, across brooks, to hidden waterfalls or houseboats in the middle of the serene backwaters. The destination could still offer these experiences without compromising the safety of the travelers. 


While working on the film it was important to address the traveler’s concerns and put them to rest, by featuring how the place lends itself to people being truly one with the expanse of nature that has enough space for everyone to roam freely.


Bringing #changeofair to life through pictures was an exciting challenge that took us to different terrains across Kerala which tourists could frequent. The print advertisements have tried to capture the unfettered joy of being in the outdoors.