Monsoon Art

A unique merchandising idea that presented a quick course in Kerala lingo.

Big campaigns get a lot of prestige. But that doesn’t mean
simple, day-to-day jobs can’t be fun too! 

The client needed a direct mailer to be sent to all media, clients
and investors. Being the monsoon season, a sturdy fold out umbrella
was thought to be a prudent gift. However we thought it could do more
than a big logo and tagline.

Since the umbrella would find itself in the hands of Indians from all over 
the country, we decided to introduce them to a few choice malayali words
that would capture a sliver of what Kerala is. The joys, the passions, the hobbies
and more.

What resulted was a beautiful and very unique brolly that one couldn’t
take their eyes off. With words like ‘nostu’ (short for nostalgia) that 
captured every kerala trinket and toy from our childhood…to ‘mallu origami’ that captured the art of palm leaf weaving. 

A silver lining for every clouded day.