Where will you shine next

A refreshingly new film in the gold space that puts focus back on what matters; the jewellery.

Where will you shine next

The jewellery market at the time was flooded with big celebrity 
endorsements. Every other jewellery brand was starting to look the 
same. Big wedding function, big stars, big brand logo. 

The spark came from a print ad. A closeup shot of an anklet on a 
model’s foot as she walked on the beach. The line ran across the ad
and made the ‘anklet’ a part of the headline.

“Where will you (jewellery shot) next?”

This opened up many interpretations. Where will you Bhima next? 
Where will anklet next? Where will you gold next? But more than
anything it piqued our curiosity. 

The line became ‘Where will you shine next, with Bhima?’ 
It also became the brief for the film. The enthusiasm added by Sajith and 
his team at PUPA Productions for the film and Photographer Shaheen 
Thaha really sealed the deal. It was 3 days of mayhem, improvisation and 
incredible energy. 

But in the end we made a campaign that threw the spotlight
on the real celebrity – Bhima and Brothers unique and gorgeous